Happy Birthday, Cho KyuHyun ♥

03.02. 20113- Os 25(26) anos!


It has been a while since common men and wise people have been incessantly seeking answers for uncountable questions of the universe. Among them, there are those who say that perfection does not exist.
There are also those who say that is not possible to exist love if one person cannot even acknowledge the existence of the other one.
Finally, there are those who say that everything in this life is transitory.
At this moment, I am going to tell you a story about star, a star which has enchanted the whole world with its mesmerizing voice. Once known, it has proved wrong all the answers. On February 3rd, 1988, in the Nohwon district in Seoul, the star was born and was called Cho Kyuhyun. The boy came to complete the life of the Cho couple, which had already a daughter, Ahra.
The star has grown up tough and wise. Far too soon, he discovered his gift: the music.
He used to sing at the church with his sister. As a result, everyone got easily and quickly captivated by the kid with an angel’s voice.

At his adolescent years, the Cho boy seemed more a normal teenager totally addicted in video games. Despite enclosing himself at home, pretending not to be able to leave, in order to play more and more. He could not imagine that his addiction would be once adored by million people around the world.

As time went by, his love for music increased. Thus, displeasing the Cho dad, Kyuhyun went after his dream.
In his audition for the enterprise that would open opportunities to him, he was called to be a trainee, even though he had not showed what was capable of.
In order to soothe the Cho dad, Kyu got accepted at a university.

Having passed three months since then, his journey started when he was surprised by the notice that he would the thirteenth and the newest member of the famous pop band, Super Junior.
Even not being accepted at first by the members and the fans, which were faithful to original formation, he stood firm and showed his magnificence.
His eyes.
His smile.
His voice.
His essence.
Cho Kyuhyun is magnificent.

In 2007, shocking everyone, he was involved in a car accident, when the star was almost taken to heaven. Miraculously, this almost loss did not happen and it served to show how special and essential he was for the group and for everyone. It turned to clear that the world would not be the same without Kyuhyun awarding us with his melodious voice, his stunning smile and his strong personality.
When returning to stage, he shone more intensively than the sun. The star was back and tougher.
Over time, he conquered more spotlights, more opportunities proving one more his talent. The Three Musketeers, Catch Me If You Can, Radio Star, Immortal Song… Nothing will be able to extinguish his splendor.
Today, the star completes 25 years (26 in Korean age). And if it is asked: “Is there anyone perfect?”; “Is there anyone that you love that even know about your existence?”; “Do you think love is forever?”
I and many other fans and admirers around the globe will answer in unison: “CHO KYUHYUN!”

Your eyes make us dive in infinite, your smile instantaneously make us smile, your joke full of ‘evilness’… Even your defects make you perfect, because they make you real.
Just like everyone feel that does not matter the distance or the fact of him not having an idea about our existence. These do not matter, since we know he is there, shining, to our happiness.
And also if love can be forever… Well, unquestionably our love for Kyuhyun is, as at each minute it multiplies. Each gesture, smile, word spoken, moment with his hyungs, everything… EVERYTHING, will make us love you even more.

There are no words to describe your importance in our lives. There is not such a dignified poetry to sculpt your perfection and grandiosity. There is anything to compare what you to all of us.
Cho Kyuhyun, you a divine perfection, a gift for all of us.
We need you and thank every single day for having you in our lives.
Our only wish in your birthday is: do not stop shining. You are our strength. You are our everything.







The day of today would be just one more, but it was gifted in the most special way possible. Twenty five years ago, in this same day, Cho Kyuhyun was born, the person most important to me, my shining star, even him not knowing this.
My life changed since the day you have gotten to be special to me, since Cho Kyuhyun marked my heart with you human being; your voice became my source of energy, your smiles, of joy, your gazes, of my life. There is no part of me that isn’t impregnated with Kyuhyun’s existence, that doesn’t love him in the truest e purest way existent, that doesn’t admire him with all my devotion. There isn’t beauty in the world with Kyuhyun’s shining.
Words will never be enough. My only certainty is that I’m going to love him forever every single day more. I’ll always be complete while you are there, at the other side of the world, with your being passionately unique, doing what you love and providing a happiness that only you can bring me.
I can only wish that this day, and all the other ones, be as special for you as you are for me. That Cho Kyuhyun will ever continue enchanting us with your voice, your smile, your gestures and defects that makes you the person we love. I wish you, our rising star, a happy birthday.


February, 3rd… We can say that is the most beautiful day of the year! The birthday of a gamer that enchant everyone with your voice, a gamer called Cho Kyuhyun. 25 years ago, the most beautiful baby was born that, in the future, would be recognized for his splendid and passionate singing. Kyuhyun brought us a lot of happiness since then. Your happy moments that soothe us, your incredible songs that makes us forget the world around us and just thinking about him, in how beautiful his voice is. Although going through difficult moments of hardships, he didn’t give up, just like us, who also didn’t give up of loving him, it doesn’t matter what happen. Happy birthday, oppa! And that more birthdays can happen to make our days happy. I hope God can always be with you, looking after you, enlightening you!


In 2010, during my so troubled year of university entrance examinations, I encountered a music video that was a special for Valentine’s Day of different boy band, with loads of members. I started watching the MV, “No Other”, which would became one of my favorites, soon I was captivated by a soothing voice. Its owner was a slim boy with almond and expressive eyes, milky white skin and dark hair, with plump lips. Not having any other way left, I’ve got enchanted by the ‘big lips’, the way I first called him.
Throughout the following week, Cho Kyuhyun, ‘big lips’ true name, arrived at my heart, with his unique nature, took it like no other man had done before. The angelic and melodic voice of the stunning boy became responsible for the soundtrack of my life.
Right after met him better, I watch a video that had extremely shocked me. My heart’s thief had suffered a terrible car accident. Consequently, I got desperate with the referred situation, since I thought, “Had he gone? Had the person I’ve just fallen in love died?” Then, I searched crazily in order to know more about the incident. As a result, I discovered that with his strong will had overcome the occurred, resisting to such severe injuries that the doctors were surprise with his miraculously recovery.
Once again, I’ve fallen in love.
Despite having a face sculpted by angels, a fantastic character and a matchless voice, Cho Kyuhyun was also tough, capable of surpassing each obstacle that could appear in his way. He seemed even unreal, because every single detail of his complements his magnificence, even though those some people would call as defects.
Kyu cheered my life like nobody else and, now, going through difficult moments, he gives me strength. The distance that split us is only a detail, which doesn’t avoid him from making me feel well. All I can do is to thank everything he does, did or will do. Thank you for existing and being part of my life.
In such a special day for you and those who surround you or know you, I hope you can rest and enjoy the companionship from the people you love. I wish you the best that exists and that you don’t be so careless with your health.
I don’t know how to describe what you mean for me, I only know that you came to me to get smiles from me when everything seems senseless, to make me glad. An ‘I love you’ is something rare to be heard from me, but you are one of the people that could hear it without any difficulty.


And a fan:

kyu kyu2 kyu3 kyu4(1)


KyuHyun…We love you ♥




Crédito da montagens de fotos: gaem3r15 http://gaem3r15.tumblr.com/


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